If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, does it make a sound? Conversely, if a website is launched but no one sees it, does it exist… or is it simply cyber-data floating without gravity in Cyberspace?

Updating your website with the right type of content is crucial in order to become much more than a glorified phonebook. Complementing it all with social media, E-newsletters, online SEM tactics, blogging, micro-blogging and many other tactics will create a multiplier of just the right kind of visitors. The end result is enquiries and/or sales along with the prestigious and influential impression of being the leader in your field.

Online marketing and campaigning are a combination of many factors. If they are done well, they create a great synergy and deliver big results. If they are done without commitment, strategy or a clear message; they can terribly misuse precious resources.

Webmedia will deliver in-house talent right to your organization’s doorstep with the express purpose of interviewing, conceptualizing and writing your content and then spreading it all across the web like a blackjack dealer in a packed casino. If you don’t have the talent or simply the inclination to do it yourself; tell us what you want and leave it to the experts.