Over the last decade or more, there is very little that is new in the area of web development tools. So while the construction process has essentially remained the same, the playing field around it has changed dramatically. That playing field includes super high speeds, integrated social media, specialised add-ons and plug-ins and perhaps most importantly, malicious activities and malwares… the ill-doers are everywhere and they most definitely aim to cause harm.

Everyone is vulnerable! So what does this all mean?

It means that while your home page should be as accessible and friendly as the home you live in, your back door and side windows must be secure and resting on a strong foundation. Webmedia has a variety of hosting plans that cater for all levels and needs, from dedicated servers for advanced needs of corporates, government and NGO to customised, high capacity shared servers for smaller clients. All are hosted on secure servers in the USA that offer the best in state-of-the-art protection measures.