Phone apps are basically software that will run on a mobile phone or tablet. They are becoming so popular because they can:  assist you with higher levels of productivity and directly focus on delivering content or entertainment or a productive function in the exact form you seek.

Apps are a direct line of communication with a user. You can regularly capture their attention and engage in 2-way communication. You can mine all sorts of individual or group data about their interests and habits. For any organisation, that is extremely valuable information.

The trick to developing a successful app is to make your content attractive enough that the user will want to, first of all, download your app and secondly, continue to use it. From there, it’s a matter of mining the data and delivering the messaging that sets you apart.

Webmedia has launched the most sophisticated and successful programmable apps in the South Pacific. That generally means greater ease of use for both the user ‘and’ the administrator. When it’s time to ‘Go Mobile’, it’s time to go Webmedia.