Sporting experts have a common expression, “You can’t coach speed.”  What this means is that an athlete is either born fast or they are not, and unfortunately there is little that one can do to alter that pre-determined gene. While ‘technique’ is helpful for performance, its combination with speed is the concoction that exceeds at the very highest levels.

Graphic Design has a similar complementary composition. Technique once again plays an important role but it’s the second element, that truly sets apart the winners from the losers in a competitive arena, and that ingredient is ‘creativity’.

Simple rules of design are so often and so readily discarded in these parts and while it’s hard for the untrained eye to determine exactly which design rule was broken, almost everyone responds to quality design that is performed with a creative flair. We all like what is fresh, new and exciting, it’s universal. It’s in our nature. It’s in Webmedia’s nature to deliver those impressionable elements throughout all your organisation’s graphic representations. Every design tells a story, let us tell yours.