The creative process is indeed a conundrum. What constitutes an ”idea”?Where does it come from and what do you do with it once it has materialized? Is it relevant to the task at hand?

A creative direction can develop from many things – something you’ve seen or heard, smelt or tasted or simply straight out of the blue! Once you have captured that thought how do you apply it to the task at hand? Is it relevant? Does it answer the communication objective? How will you develop it across the mediums that the client wants to utilize, to reach their target audience?

The fact is that if you have a great brief from the client, it is a lot easier to develop that “great idea” into meaningful advertising communication that has a highly predictable success rate against targets. ROI (return on investment) is what it’s all about in this industry. We have a solid reputation for delivering effective, high-quality communications to international standards.