Words. Paragraphs. Stories. These are the tools of the copywriter.

They can be sympathetic and soothing or bold and brash. Informative and interesting or humorous and fun. Emotive and evocative or kiddish and cute. It simply depends on who you are directing them at and how you want them to react. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but we dispute that claim. Words can describe a picture in the way you want it interpreted and not simply left to the viewer’s thoughts on it. In mediums that aren’t visual, such as radio and some print, you can help your audience to visualize scene, situation or location.

The true craft of the copywriter comes into play when they apply this highly creative discipline across the various mediums in the communications landscape. Short and punchy headlines, the mini movies of television advertising, along with copy information for web or print delivery, each has their own special challenges for the writer.